Eco Committee & Eco Club

Our Eco Committee is made up of members from Year 2 to Year 4.  We meet to discuss our ongoing Eco work and projects going on around school.  We currently working on all 9 areas ready for our Eco Flag Renewal next year.  The Eco Committee are responsible for initiatives across the whole school, but all children in the school are involved in some way. 
The Eco Ninjas will be visiting your classrooms at various points over the next few weeks. 
  • Are the outside doors closed?
  • Is your projector turned off if it's not being used?
  • Are the classroom lights off if noone is in the room?
Eco Conference 2015

Eight children from our Eco Committee represented Finstall at the Eco Conference at Bishops Wood today. The children played the part of 'Eco Detectives' investigating a recent environmental crime. 


They interviewed people playing the part of local people involved. These included the Environment Agency, local residents, Wildlife Protection Officer and the Bishops Wood Centre Manager. Next the children investigated the evidence that had been found. They found evidence of fly tipping, pesticides and invasive species of shrimp in the water. They worked with real representatives from the Environment Agency to test the water from the pond for oxygen level and possible pollutants. 


Later in the day the children found out about other types of pollution and created campaign posters. They also met with Eco Committees from lots of different schools to share good ideas. 


Eco Club runs every other week during a lunchtime.  It is run by Mrs Morgan.
Carrot Harvest and Bulb Planting - Spring 2016
This month we harvested carrots that were planted earlier in the year!  We also weeded the large planters and planted bulbs around school ready for Spring.  
Litter Pick with the Local Council
The Eco Committe were offered an opportunity to work with the Local Council on a litter pick of the local area surrounding school.  We talked about litter issues affecting the area around school and how the Council could best support us.  The Council talked to local residents about the issue of dog mess and erected large banners to raise awareness. 
Solar Panels
Bird Feeders
Eco Club sent a letter last week asking for donations of any spare change to allow us to buy bird seed for the winter. The children counted the money and worked out what we could buy.
Today we used that bird seed along with lard, porridge oats, sultanas, bread and suet to make special bird feeders. Have a look at some of the pictures below to see how we got on.