School Induction Programme

The school induction programme has been developed to provide the best possible introduction to schooling for pupils. As all pupils are individuals, we customise the induction programme to suit individual needs, prioritising what is in the best educational interest of each child. This is the case for children starting in any year group within the school. The teaching staff will always discuss the induction process with parents.

For children starting in Reception, it is our aim to work closely with parents to ensure that children settle easily and happily into school life. Some children will find it easier than others - the younger children, especially, will find a whole day in school very tiring after their sessions in previous settings with smaller groups of children. You, as parents, can help us to fully understand your child’s needs during the induction period. Please work with the school to support both your child and the staff.

The induction programme for children in Reception is as follows:-

  • Parents of all children who are registered for admission and have received official notification from the Admissions Officer indicating that the child may attend this school are invited to attend a special meeting early in the Summer term. Details of the induction process are discussed, specific dates announced and parents are given an opportunity to ask questions and look around the classrooms. Subsequently, letters confirming these arrangements will be distributed to all parents with children due to start in Reception during the forthcoming year.

  • The school runs a Story Club during the Summer Term prior to admission. Our Reception team will also do their utmost to visit the new intake in their respective pre-school / nursery settings at some point during the Summer term.

  • During July, our new Reception intake will be invited to attend a half day session as part of our induction day.
  • In Reception, we expect the children to start school in September. At the beginning of September there will be an induction period of three weeks. The induction process incorporates a staggered entry system. Children will start school in three groups, according to their age, attending a morning or an afternoon session or both during the first three weeks of term, as outlined below. This serves 4 main purposes:

To gradually introduce children to a full school day

To allow the staff to get to know the children in smaller groups

To enable staff to carry out important assessments of your child

To ensure that the children can gradually become familiar with their new school and     routines

Week One

Group 1 will be invited to attend the morning sessions and stay for lunch.

Group 2 will be invited to attend the afternoon sessions.

Week Two

Group 1 will be invited to attend school all day.

Group 2 will be invited to attend the morning sessions and stay for lunch.

Group 3 will be invited to attend the afternoon sessions.

Week Three

Group 1 will continue to attend school all day.

Group 2 will be invited to attend school all day.

Group 3 will be invited to attend the morning sessions and stay for lunch.

  • The groupings are decided, primarily, with regard to the age of individual children. Group 1 will generally include the children with Autumn birthdays (Sept – Dec), Group 2 will generally be made up of children with Spring birthdays (Jan – Apr) and Group 3 will generally be made up of those children who have birthdays during the Summer months (May – Aug). Information gained from the pre-school settings and parents may also influence our decision. The criteria for determining such groups must remain reasonably flexible as this will be dependent on the cohort of children that will be entering the school each year.
  • Once the three-week induction period is over, we anticipate that all children will be in school full time. However, some younger children may still find whole day sessions very tiring at first, and we might need to build up to a full day even more gradually. Please do not hesitate to approach the school if you have concerns about your child’s induction. 

Teachers in the Reception classes will each have a full-time support assistant.

Where possible, each class will be mixed – equal numbers of boys and girls and an even balance of ages (dependent on each intake).

When parents accept an offer of a place for their child at our school, we expect them to adhere to our Admissions Policy and fully support our Induction Programme.

Ofsted Report 2015

“Children make an excellent start to school in the early years. The high quality of education in the Reception classes means children are very safe and happy there. They achieve extremely well in all areas of learning..”