Governing Body Organisation

Schools are run by a Governing Body working with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership team. The Governing Body is made up of parent, staff, local authority and co-opted representatives.

The Governing Body takes a strategic role, acting as a critical friend to the school and is accountable for its decisions. It sets aims and objectives and agrees, monitors and reviews policies, targets and priorities. Our Governing body consists of 11 governors .  There are four committees; Finance, Personnel, Curriculum and Property. All governors sit on at least two of these committees.  

Name Category Term of Office Term of Office Expiry Appointed By Relationship with school staff Relevant business interests  Other establishments they govern
Martin Evans
Chair of Governors
Chair of   Property & Curriculum Committees
Co-opted Governor
Four Years 19.03.27 Governing Body None None None
Kelly Joynes Co-Opted Governor Four Years 10.03.28 Governing Body None None None
Richard Gannon
Co-Opted Governor
Four Years
Governing Body
Katie Coleby Co-Opted Governor Four Years 08.11.24 Governing Body None None None
Andy George
Vice Chair  
Chair of Finance and Personnel Committees
Co-Opted Governor
Four Years 20.03.26 Governing Body None None None
Kamaldeep Rai Parent Governor Four Years  23.04.27 Parent Election  None Works at KipMcgrath Bromsgrove  (Tutoring) None
Julie Sadler LA Governor Four Years 08.11.25 Local Authority None None None
Rebecca Miles Co-Opted Governor Four Years   20.03.26 Governing Body  None  None  None
Eden O'Brien
Parent Governor
Four Years
Parent Election
Matthew Mason Staff Governor Four Years 08.11.25 Governing Body Employed as Deputy Head Teacher None None
Stuart Evans Head Teacher n/a n/a Governing Body Wife is a class teacher None None


1.  The name of the school is FINSTALL FIRST SCHOOL.

2.  The school is a COMMUNITY SCHOOL.

3.  The name of the governing body is "The governing body of Finstall First School".

4.  The governing body shall consist of:

                              a. Two parent governors

                              b. One LA governor

                              c. One staff governor

                              d. One headteacher

                              e. Six co-opted governors

5.  Total number of governors 11 

6.  This instrument of government comes into effect on 9th June 2014.

7.  This instrument was made by order of Worcestershire Local Authority on 9th June 2014.

8.  A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governor body (and the headteacher if not a governor), any trustees and to the appropriate religious body.