Malvern Day 1

26th April 2017
We have arrived safely.  All the children are setting up their dormitories and then we will have lunch.  The first activities will then start after lunch.  The weather is dry and not too cold at the moment.   All the children are well and very excited to be here.  

We've had a great day today and the weather has been very kind.  We had a flurry of very light snow in the afternoon, but it hasn't been too cold.  The sun has now come out and it's probably warmer now than it has been all day! The children have taken part in a range of challenging activities throughout the day and have all tried very hard.

All of the children had plenty to eat and are now completing their evening activities. Two groups are currently on a walk up the Malvern Hills, one group are up in the trees on the ‘high ropes’ and the final two groups are hunting for clues on a ’Punch Trail’.

I’ll attach a few photos of this afternoons activities, but hopefully I should be able to add some more tomorrow.