Space Seeds!

4th May 2016

Finstall scientists take part in Tim Peake's research!

Pupils have been taking part in a very special science investigation organised by the Royal Horticultural Society and the European Space Agency. The investigation is all part of research taking place to see whether plants are able to be grown in space in preparation for space missions to Mars.

We recently received 2 packets of seeds: one red packet and one blue packet. One of the packets contained seeds which have been with Tim Peake, on the International Space Station, while the other one contained seeds that have remained here on Earth.  We do not know which one is which!

The seeds have been planted and placed in the main area of the school. We have been observing how they are growing, to see if we can notice any differences, and making predictions about what we think will happen and  which ones have been in space.

Please feel free to look at the plants if you happen to be in the main reception area and let us know what you think! We will let you know our final results in the next few weeks.