Complaints and Grievances

Initially, most complaints should be raised directly, in person or through a note to the person, with immediate responsibility for the matter. This is usually the Class Teacher. It is the Head Teacher (and, by delegation, the teaching staff) who has the responsibility for every day decisions, situations and actions. Therefore, if a parent or other person with a legitimate interest in the school, wishing to complain about the school, approaches a Governor, the Governor will direct that person to take their complaint to the Head Teacher.

However, there may be some instances when the complaint is about the Head Teacher, when it might be appropriate for the Complainant to be advised to speak to the Chair of the Governing Body instead of the Head Teacher. Similarly, any Complainant who approaches the LA will be referred back to the Head Teacher or the Chair of the Governing Body as appropriate.

All concerns will be taken seriously in order to establish an effective partnership between the school, parents or the community. Equally, they will be dealt with promptly to reach an early resolution to avoid frustration and further difficulty. Complainants will be kept informed of what actions will be undertaken and what the time scale is likely to be.

There may be complaints where the individual requests not to be identified at the preliminary stage. Such complaints will still be dealt with under the set procedures. However, in the case of a serious complaint, it might not be possible to maintain confidentiality.

Where complaints and concerns relate to issues, which occurred more than three months prior to registration of the complaint, they will generally be ruled “out of time.” The school and LA may decline to investigate a matter, which would have been expected to be raised beforehand, unless of course there are legal implications.

A copy of the full Complaints Procedure is available in the 'School Policies' section of the website.