Physical Education & Swimming

Physical Education at Finstall

Physical Education develops pupils’ physical confidence and competence, and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. It promotes physical skillfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. It provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals, in groups and teams. It promotes positive attitudes towards healthy and active life style. Children learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, ideas and performances to improve their quality and effectiveness.

During the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children are offered a broad range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance and co-ordination, individually and with others. Children practice tactics for attacking and defending that lead onto team games, as well as building simple movement patterns to create dances. They enjoy extending and challenging themselves in accordance with their own personal best.

During Key Stage Two, pupils enjoy being active. They develop a broader range of skills and learn how to use them in different ways. They link skills to make actions, phrases and sequences of movement. They enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other. They develop an understanding of how to succeed in different activities and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success and demonstrate improvement as they strive to achieve their personal best. The breadth of study includes dance activities, games, athletics, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities and, in Year 3, swimming.


Throughout the school year, Year 3 visit The Dolphin Centre swimming pool for a course of approximately 30 swimming lessons. We usually swim on Tuesdays between 9:30am and 10:00am. As a result, almost all of our pupils are competent swimmers by the time they move on to Middle school. All of our swimming sessions are overseen by qualified teachers and lifeguards are in attendance. We do ask for voluntary contributions of about £19 / term to help us to cover the cost of swimming.

PE After School Clubs



Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Year 3 Hockey Mr Bevins Monday

 Yr 4 Pilates Monday Kelly

Year 4 Worcester cricket club Thursday

Occurs every Thursday from 15.15-16.15, effective from Thu 23/04/2020 until Thu 21/05/2020

Reception multiskills Monday

Mr Bevins



Gymnastics club Mrs Law

Thursday Year 3

Tennis Year 2 Thursday

Worcester Warriors Rugby Year 3 Wednesday

Tennis Year 1 Thursday



Year 1 Handball Mr Bevins

Year 2/1 Hockey Tuesday (depending on uptake) Mr Bevins

Year 1/R Hockey Tuesday (depending on uptake) Mr Bevins

Reception Hockey Tuesday (or alternative sport for a year group) Mr Bevins

Change 4 Life/Coaches coming in in school time.



Spr 1

Spr 2

Sum 1

Sum 2




TSR cricket coaching Year 3 classes Commencing Monday 13th January x 4 weeks between 9:30 - 11:30am

Flics Gymnastics Reception

Year 4

Worcester cricket club


Occurs every Thursday from 13:00 to 15.00, effective from Thu 23/04/2020 until Thu 21/05/2020 PM

Jump rope three lunch time sessions (weeks commencing 1st, 8th and 15th June) then in School Sports week



Year 2 Kidderminster Harriers

Year 1 All stars cricket WCC taster session

Worcester Warriors Rugby Year 3 Wednesday




16th 23rd Jan Jon Miller in to support Sports Crew training over lunchtimes working with Year 1 children.


TSR Cricket Year 2 Tuesday morning



Events Coming Up...
At Finstall, we aim to provide our children with lots of opportunities to take part in active sporting activities throughout the year.  We also aim to allow our children to have competitive sporting experiences both within our school lessons and against other children and teams from our local Bromsgrove schools at competitions.  Some of our children will also take part in festivals hosted by various local Sporting Clubs.  Please see the list below of the events that our children will be taking part in soon!
  • Years 1/2/3 Gymnastics Festivals on Wednesday 12th February
  • Year 4 Play Leader training Thursday 16th and Thursday 23rd January (during lunchtime)
  • Netball 'High 5' Festival Year 4 Dodderhill School 4th March
  • Dance Festival 25th March
Finstall Sporting News!
Come back soon to find out how our teams and children have got on at competitions and festivals.
Fabulously Fit at Finstall!
Every half term, Finstall children can take part in our 'Fabulously Fit at Finstall' challenge.  We do this to encourage our children to be physically active for at least 30 minutes outside of school each day.  Children have challenges to complete and once they have completed them, they bring their challenge sheet back into school where they will be awarded a certificate!  
Finstall's Sports Crew
At Finstall, we have eight Year 4 children who help out with some of our sporting activities in school.  They had to fill in an application form and it was very difficult to choose from all of the applications!
They have a sports crew PE t-shirt to show who they are.  They help to look after our equipment and provide challenges at lunchtimes to help keep children active at our school!
These children are: 
Holly Carlson 
Charlotte Bevins
Esther Coleman 
Faith Harrod
Fabien Holder
Regan Westwood
Alfie Williams
Jamie Bayliss
Important PE Documents