The school uniform consists of:



Green or grey skirt / pinafore dress

Grey trousers

White blouse

White shirt

Finstall School tie

Finstall School tie

Green cardigan or pullover

Green pullover

Grey trousers if desired

Grey shorts in warmer weather

Apron for painting

Apron for painting

Our uniform can be purchased online through 'Marks and Spencer', 'School Days -Bromsgrove' or 'S&H Schoolwear and Sport' using the link below:

http://www.mandsyourschooluniform.com/ or http://www.schooldays-bromsgrove.co.uk or https://www.sandhschoolwearandsports.co.uk/

School ties may be obtained from the School Office. Parents may also buy any item of our uniform from “School Days” or “S&H Schoolwear and Sport,” both in Bromsgrove, but we would also like to point out that acceptable alternatives are available from other stores.

Black or navy blue shoes should also be worn. The wearing of trainers to school is discouraged. Open toed sandals should not be worn, even in the Summer months, as they do not provide enough protection to children’s toes during the rigours of a typical school day.


Long hair (for boys and girls) must be tied back for all practical activities.  The use of braids, bleach, bright colorants e.g. pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, red etc. and any extreme hairstyles for example, Mohicans, or closely shaved or patterned hair are not allowed. The same rules also apply at Aston Fields Middle School and South Bromsgrove High School.  Pupils who attend for school with inappropriate hair will be educated in an alternative classroom from their peers until the issue is resolved.  Failure to follow the school’s rules regarding uniform could result in exclusion.

Clothing for PE / Games

For inside lessons, children should wear a white round neck t-shirt, dark green shorts and black pumps (short white sports socks are optional). For outside lessons on the field, children should have a separate pair of trainers and / or football boots although black pumps are acceptable for lessons on the playground. Outside, children should also wear dark green football socks to add to the kit they wear inside. When the weather is colder, we would also like the children to wear a charcoal grey sweat-shirt and jogging bottoms. Additional layers can also be worn underneath if necessary. All items are available online through Marks and Spencer using the link above, although less expensive alternatives are also acceptable.


Although you will be told when your child’s PE and Games lessons will normally take place, the curriculum is often subject to change. Thus, the children may need their PE and Games kits on other occasions during the week. Thus, we ask for PE bags to be brought into school on a Monday and remain on the child’s peg until they are taken home on a Friday (unless they have become particularly wet or dirty).

Clothing for Art and Design

Parents are asked to provide their child with an art apron or a large shirt, which can be used to protect clothing when painting.


If ears are pierced, single studs may be worn. All jewellery must be removed for all PE and Games lessons.

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