Pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of music is developed through the following activities:

            Controlling sounds through singing and playing   -           performing skills

            Creating and developing musical ideas                -           composing skills

            Responding and reviewing                                   -           appraising skills

            Listening and applying knowledge and understanding.


The school has a very good musical tradition in both vocal and instrumental spheres. Years 2, 3 and 4 are given the opportunity to learn to play the recorder. These lessons are part of our school curriculum and, thus, no charge is passed on to parents. Recorders are available from school at a discounted price.  


In years 3 and 4, parents also have the chance to arrange for their children to receive extra lessons from peripatetic music teachers in violin, clarinet, cello and keyboard. Details concerning these lessons, which are subject to additional charges, are circulated at the beginning of each academic year. It is expected that children who choose to play an instrument at school, practise every night for approximately 10 minutes. In fact, regular practice is a pre-requisite of instrumental teaching.