Foreign Languages are taught as a timetabled subject in Years 3 and 4, although some aspects are also taught throughout Key Stage 1 (Years R – 2).

Language learning has an important part to play in general education at primary level. Learning other languages supports language and literacy development and compliments learning across the curriculum. It develops knowledge of other countries and promotes positive attitudes towards other cultures and speakers of other languages.

At Finstall First School, we predominantly teach French as a foreign language although we frequently explore other languages when comparing common phrases or topics.

A variety of resources are used when teaching Languages including songs, nursery rhymes, puppets and a wide range of ICT software. There is a focus on speaking and listening, along with some written work.

We are also very fortunate to have close links with two schools in Reims in France. The children in Years 3 and 4 correspond with their friends in France on a regular basis, sharing cultural traditions and exploring similarities and differences. They also have the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice by chatting with their friends via webcam.